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Please Donate if you want~
I would appreciate it so much really! ; u;


1. Toffee-Tama | Waist Up;C&LA | Nite x Dae | Paid | Done
2. Kunafire | Bust;C&LA(BG) | Bao x Jane | Paid | ???
3. Moons-CrystalTear | Waist Up;C&LA | Togami x Estelle | Paid | Done
4. hika-chuu | Waist Up;C&LA | Haruki x Mia | Paid | Done
5. TheGuiltyThorn | Waist Up;C&LA | Multi. | Paid | Done

Point Commissions:

1. oceanmermaid | Waist Up | Ana x Milo | Paid | Done
2. julia-maria | Full Picture | Betilla x Annetta | Paid | Done
3. LightningXE | Waist Up | Tsunafish x Namifaec | Paid | Done
4. Flamongirl13 | Full Picture | Freya x Ozuma | Paid | Done
5. Simtorta | Waist Up | Ryohei x Nene | Paid | Done
6. AkumaSama | Full Body | Shanrui | Paid | Done
7. pinkette180 | Waist Up | Kid x Brina | Paid | Done
8. ayochan | Waist Up | Ellie x Nita | Paid | Done
9. mokona418 | Waist Up | Moko | Paid | Done
10. gorogoroiu | Full Picture | Haruna + Satoko | Paid | Done

Art Trades:

1. LightningXE | Waist Up | Hikaru x Kyousuke | Done
2. WhiteTiger97 | Misc. | Tora x Tsubasa | Not Done
3. Cutie-girl2 | Misc. | Aina x Shun | Not Done
4. Maximusluver | Misc. | Elliot March | Done


1. Beth | JadenxBeth | Not Done

People Who Owe Me Art:

1. MizzyCola | Chibi | Mai x Yuu
2. LightningXE | Older!Yuu x Mai
3. WhiteTiger97 | Mai x Yuu
4. Cutie-girl2 | Xanxus x Melolli


1. Yoshi, Ukkon, and Kira
2. Verena and Dick [Normal]
3. Black Falcon and Robin
4. Verena and Dick [Older]
5. Flamebird and Nightwing

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Melolli-Gotchi's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

♪ About Me ♪
Hello! My name is Jasmine, but most people call me Mai, and I personally think that sounds better haha;;

Eighteen | Female | Aquarius

Bisexual ★ Pescetarian ★ Artist ★ Video Gamer

● I suck at talking to people
● I suck at making friends
● pretty damn selfish and ignorant if you ask me
● I like video games
● and anime
● can’t forget manga too
● i like music boxes
● and flowers
● but i really like pink too
● be my Pokemon homodachi ill give you free eggs

I’m a self-taught artist! I’ve actually been drawing ever since i could pick up a crayon, and i guess drawing has come natural for me. I’m already in my last year of high school, even though i still look 13 lmao, and i’m planning big things for myself! I aspire to be a game designer, mainly concept art.


My other accounts:
:iconmai-chuu: :iconwhy-so-siriusa: :iconlavender-haile:

Okay, so, I don't use DA anymore, so I figured I should might as well leave. 

There's not really much to say about it lmao;;

But anyways, if anyone still wants to keep in contact with me, you can find me on my tumblr: MagiaMai

I also have an art blog! So if anyone is still interested in seeing it, you can find them here: Maibabies

So long everyone! c:


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